Pies delcalzos (alma llena de calcetines) (earwen_neruda) wrote in factsandfiction,
Pies delcalzos (alma llena de calcetines)

i never said i was honest but i am true: a hawke mix

1. dreams of cannibalism - typhoon (i wrote a book and i will call it something cynical / the story is slow the hero does not change
/ and if he can then he won't anyway / instead his foes and lovers all become identical

2. chin music for the unsuspecting hero - foster the people (well, i like to think i'm strong / and then i'm proven wrong)

3. the racing rats - editors (slow down, little one / you can't keep running away)

4. miracle mile - houses remix (hold me again, don't count mistakes / i lost track of them)

5. alright - fun (and i know that i put up a front / but maybe just this once / let me keep this one)

6. slipped - the national (i'm having trouble inside my skin / i try to keep my skeletons in / i'll be a friend and a fuck-up and everything)

7. monument - royksopp & robyn (let go of what i used to be / this will be my monument / this will be a beacon when i'm gone)

8. trouble - tv on the radio (oh, here comes trouble / put your helmet on, we'll be heading for a fall)

9. opposite - biffy clyro (i look in the glass and stare at your strained, grey motionless face and ask / underneath, is there a golden soul?)

10. the honest truth - typhoon (eternity will smile on me / i never said i was honest but i'm true)

11. sometimes i still feel the bruise - the mountain goats (i'm under no illusion as to what i meant to you / but you made an impression / and sometimes i still feel the bruise)

12. miles to go - stateless (i could build a nest in frost and fire / and start unravelling this broken soul/ but i still got miles to go before i sleep)

Tags: !fanmix, game: dragon age, game: dragon age 2, maker: earwen_neruda
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